Decoding Temper Designations for Aluminum Alloys

Tempering enables metalworkers to increase toughness and reduce hardness in metals—such as aluminum—through heat treatment. Hardened metals are generally more brittle.Because processes are so specific … read more

Aluminum 6061 vs. 6063: Understanding the Difference

Just like there’s a tool for every project, there’s a perfect material as well. In fact, one of the major benefits of choosing from different metals for your projects is matching material and chemi … read more

Annealing Aluminum Explained: What It Is and How It Works

Like many metals, aluminum is subject to work hardening—also known as strain hardening. This means it becomes more challenging to work with the more it is deformed and shaped.Annealing is a heat-treat … read more

Aluminum vs Stainless Steel — What’s Best For Retail Displays?

A retail display can — and should — function as more than a rack for your products. As a centerpiece, it complements your branding and store’s style to make products pop.However, you also want your di … read more

Mill Finish Aluminum vs. Clear Anodized Aluminum

Depending on your circumstances, choosing between aluminum and other metals tends to be a straightforward decision. Aluminum is durable, strong (especially aluminum alloys), flexible, corrosion-resist … read more

Aluminum vs Plastic Price Tag Molding

As the old saying goes, “the devil is in the details.” When outfitting a retail store, you may not think that customers notice something as small as price tag molding – but they do. Investing in quali … read more

5 Creative Slatwall Retail Display Ideas

A store’s physical layout and appearance contribute to how your customers feel about their shopping experience and, in turn, how inclined they are to buy – but finding the best way to organize display … read more

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