7 Ways How Aluminum Profiles Are Shaping the Glass and Glazing Industry

In April 2023, Key Media & Research (KMR), a leading news source from the glass industry, reported that commercial glass and glazing-related spending has increased by 22% every year. Moreover, … read more

What are architectural price tag molding used for?

Price tag molding, also known as shelf edge molding, is a type of molding that is commonly used in retail stores to display prices or product information. It is a small strip of plastic or metal th … read more

UPS Increases Shipping Charges in 2023

Orange Aluminum prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and we want to be transparent with our customers. We currently rely on UPS to ship the majority of our products. However, we are … read more

Types of Aluminum Channels and Their Uses

Whatever your project, you can use a wide variety of aluminum channel types to secure or mount your materials. From structural applications to organizational aesthetics, choosing the right shape is me … read more

What is a J Channel? – Shape Options and Applications

With every construction project, you’re going to have some visual imperfections. Tight seals are also a concern. But that’s what trim is for—achieving a beautiful, finished appearance and protectin … read more

Impaling Clips vs Z Clips for Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are valued for providing effective, environment-enhancing sound dampening. Still, they can also add visual appeal to your space, whether you're trying to eliminate auditory distract … read more

Orange Cares Charities: Brain Injury Association of America

As a business, we believe you have to care about more than just exceptional products and customer service. It’s also essential to give back to the communities that support you.That’s why we donate a p … read more

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