UPS Increases Shipping Charges in 2023

Orange Aluminum prides itself with providing exceptional customer service and we want to be transparent with our customers. A large majority of our shipping methods is through UPS. We continue to e … read more

Types of Aluminum Channels and Their Uses

Whatever your project, you can use a wide variety of aluminum channel types to secure or mount your materials. From structural applications to organizational aesthetics, choosing the right shape is me … read more

What is a J Channel? – Shape Options and Applications

With every construction project, you’re going to have some visual imperfections. Tight seals are also a concern. But that’s what trim is for—achieving a beautiful, finished appearance and protecting w … read more

Impaling Clips vs Z Clips for Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are valued for providing effective, environment-enhancing sound dampening. Still, they can also add visual appeal to your space, whether you're trying to eliminate auditory distract … read more

Orange Cares Charities: Brain Injury Association of America

As a business, we believe you have to care about more than just exceptional products and customer service. It’s also essential to give back to the communities that support you.That’s why we donate a p … read more

Steel vs. Aluminum Solar Panel Racking

Whether they’re high up on a roof or suspended above the ground in the backyard, solar panels are everywhere. But no matter where they are, they rarely sit flush with the surface. Instead, they’re … read more

Modular Aluminum Framing: COVID Barriers & Safety Solutions

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, partitions were common in commercial and industrial settings. From retail fitting rooms to manufacturing facilities, various industries have long used barriers for s … read more

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