​ The Versatility and Advantages of Aluminum Pulls and Handles

Aluminum pulls and handles have become a go-to choice in modern design, and for good reason. They look great, are tough as nails, and can be used in all sorts of applications. These profiles are made … read more

What are Bypass Sliding Doors?

At Orange Aluminum, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of architectural bypass sliding door systems, each tailored to the needs of various cabinetry and display solutions. Our three systems—t … read more

Orange Cares Charities: PetPartners

Orange Aluminum is thrilled to announce our latest initiative in giving back to the community: a partnership with Pet Partners, a national nonprofit that epitomizes the remarkable benefits of animal-a … read more

Orange Aluminum's Heartfelt Thanks for Your Support at the 2024 Reach for the Cure Event

We at Orange Aluminum are incredibly grateful for your amazing support at the 2024 Reach for the Cure event on March 24th. Your participation and generosity helped the event raise over $560,000 for pe … read more

Elevate Your Mirror Game with J Channels

Orange Aluminum offers a range of high-quality Mirror J Channels that are perfect for framing and securing mirrors in various settings. Focusing on durability, style, and functionality, these J channe … read more

Navigate the Impact of Tariffs on Imported Aluminum Extrusions

The recent announcement by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding preliminary countervailing duties on aluminum extrusions from China, Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey has sent shockwaves through the … read more

Elevate Your Commercial Interiors with The New Millwork Trim Profiles

When it comes to elevating your commercial interior projects, the right millwork trim profiles can make all the difference. At Orange Aluminum, we understand the importance of combining functionality, … read more

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