What are Bypass Sliding Doors?

At Orange Aluminum, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of architectural bypass sliding door systems, each tailored to the needs of various cabinetry and display solutions. Our three systems—the Locking Slide Track, Economy Slide Track, and Millwork Slide Track—serve different yet vital roles in the slide track ecosystem. Here’s a closer look at what each system offers:

Millwork Slide Track

Our Millwork Slide Track is designed for friction slide tracks, perfect for wood or plexiglass cabinet doors. Ideal for light-duty applications, this track system operates without bearings or rollers, relying solely on friction. Key features include:

  • Compatibility with 3/16”, ¼”, ½”, and ¾” doors.
  • Pressure-fit pull tab handle specifically for ¼” doors.
  • Available in two finishes: Clear and Black Anodize, sold in 72” and 144” lengths.

Economy Slide Track

The Economy Slide Track is the go-to solution for non-locking sliding glass display doors. It is designed for budget-friendly installations and offers multiple base track options. Notable features are:

  • Suitable for ¼” glass, plexiglass, or wood.
  • Steel rollers without ball bearings for smooth sliding.
  • Wrap-around ¼” pull tab handle (note: finger pull end cap is incompatible).
  • Available in Black and Clear Anodize finishes in 72” and 144” lengths.

Locking Slide Track

Our premium offering, the Locking Slide Track, is designed for top-tier performance and versatility. It provides the smoothest operation with its steel ball-bearing rollers. Key features include:

  • Compatible with ¼” glass, plexiglass, or wood.
  • Extrusions and vinyl/plastic inserts are available in 72” and 144” lengths.
  • All accessories are sold individually, allowing for complete customization.
  • Available in Black and Clear Anodize finishes.

Ideal Applications

Our sliding door systems are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

  • Retail display cabinets and counters with front access.
  • Specialty cabinet and furniture shops.
  • Display cabinets for exhibits or institutions.
  • Enclosed whiteboard/tackboard displays.
  • Overhead cabinetry and trophy display cases.
  • Specialty and recreational vehicle cabinetry.

Key Differences

The primary distinctions between our three slide track systems are the locking features and premium accessories available with the Locking Slide Track. The Economy Slide Track is designed for non-locking installations and heavier doors that require a rolling system, while the Millwork Slide Track is tailored for lightweight wood or plastic sheet doors that slide through friction alone. In all three systems, installing our door track systems is a breeze.

For more information or to explore our products, visit Orange Aluminum today. Enhance your space with the perfect sliding door solution tailored to your needs.

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