How to Install Z-Clips: Your Guide to Z-Clip Fasteners

Z-Clips (AKA French cleats) are a functional hardware option for hanging objects from your walls securely and seamlessly. They’re great for various renovation projects thanks to their versatility – fr … read more

What Are Z-Clips and How Are They Used?

Every construction project calls for the right tools. When it comes to home remodels, office organization projects, or interior design, Z-Clips are a useful addition to your DIY toolkit. You can use t … read more

7 Secure Types of Wall Mounting Hardware

Whether you’re hanging a heavy picture frame, a large mirror, or several slatwall panels, using the right types of wall mounting hardware is critical to securing your items properly.Generally, studs a … read more

Five Advantages of Aluminum in Construction

Aluminum has been a prominent building material since the early 20th Century. In fact, the interior walls and ceilings of many of New York's skyscrapers are constructed from this versatile element. Pe … read more

Aluminum vs. Aluminium: What’s the Difference?

Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements, with applications ranging from household use to aerospace engineering. Yet, despite how often you see this metal daily, we frequently hear the term alumi … read more

Types of Aluminum Finishes and The Uses of Each

Aluminum is multifunctional, lightweight and relatively low-cost, making it an excellent choice for your next project. However, when it comes to types of aluminum finishes, there are several options y … read more

Tensile Strength of Metals: When and Why It Matters

Tensile strength, also known as breaking strength, is a measure of how much stress a material can withstand before it breaks.It is necessary to understand how your unique project is affected by the st … read more

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