Customization Services

We are Customization Experts

Don't settle for what you can find, let us help you create and source exactly what you need!

At Orange Aluminum, we offer the ability to create and purchase custom extruded profiles tailored specifically to meet your needs.

With low minimums and only a $25.00 CAD service charge, why buy off-the-shelf?

Custom Finishes

Custom Finishes

Superior Quality Finishes

We specialize in aluminum and understand that quality finishes are what make aluminum superior to other metals and materials. Understanding the complexities in finishing and the best finishing application for your project can be one of the most important parts of executing your project or product successfully. From high resistant finishes, to beautiful mirror like coatings, we have partnered with the best people in the industry to offer some of the best coating materials and solutions.

Finish Types

Mill Finish

The natural/raw appearance of the aluminum as it is extruded. No secondary process, may show heavy production lines.


Electrochemical process that is corrosion resistant and protects the material from oxidizing. We offer clear anodizing, which creates a matte finish, and brite-dip anodizing that creates a shiny, shimmery finish.

Color options:

Powder Coated

Electrostatically applied powder paint provides a .001-.003” ‘skin’ like surface over the metal that is both decorative and protective.

A Wide Variety of Color Options are Available:

Mechanical Polish

Process that buffs out the surface finish to create a smooth, mirror like appearance. Does not protect the material from oxidizing.

Anodizing, Painting, and Mechanical Polishing Services

Anodizing, painting and mechanical polish is done by an outside company. Generally, there is a minimum lot charge of $600 that is applied to every custom-anodized material. This does not apply to any of our material that is advertised as anodized or powder coated. Contact us to know how we can provide a different finish for your order.

Custom Lengths

Precision Cut to Length

You want 1/2" lengths along with some longer 14” pieces? We can take care of that. You want your order of 6 foot extrusions cut down to 2 pieces at 2-1/2 foot lengths? Not only will we do that, but we will throw in the fall off (the remainder of material around 1 foot) at no additional charge.

We have a full fabrication facility that not only includes 5 precision saws, but also includes press breaks, punch presses, CNC and more… Second to our knowledge for aluminum extrusions, is our understanding on how to fabricate it. From the right saw blades, to holding the precision, we know what is important and how to get you what you need.

About Our Stock Length and Custom Requests

We stock some of our material in 12 foot lengths click the button below and ask us about any longer lengths. If material is not stocked in the length that you are looking for, we can always produce it in just about any length necessary. We also have several saws in-house and can cut down any of our material.

Cutting Service

Cutting charges vary depending on the number of cuts and the precision/tolerance you seek. They range from $25-$100 for small orders. Contact Us and we can create a custom quote.

Custom Profiles

Custom Extrusion, Custom Fit, Custom Die

Our inventory is north of ½ million pounds of extruded products! However, just because we stock almost 1000 different shapes, doesn’t mean we have everything you could possibly want or need. In many cases, no one has the exact profile you seek. However, unlike others trying to compete with Orange Aluminum, we offer the ability to purchase custom extruded profiles tailored to meet your needs, with low minimums, and only a $25.00 CAD service charge.

Custom Die

We can create any shape that you can dream of. Tooling for new dies varies depending on the complexity of the shape, cavities and wall thicknesses. Generally, solid dies start at $850 and hollow dies start at $1800. Contact us with any questions!