Custom Finishes

Superior Quality Finishes

We specialize in aluminum and understand that quality finishes are what make aluminum superior to other metals and materials. Understanding the complexities in finishing and the best finishing application for your project can be one of the most important parts of executing your project or product successfully. From high resistant finishes, to beautiful mirror like coatings, we have partnered with the best people in the industry to offer some of the best coating materials and solutions.



Anodizing, Painting, and Mechanical Polishing Services

Anodizing, painting and mechanical polish is done by an outside company. Generally, there is a minimum lot charge of $600 that is applied to every custom-anodized material. This does not apply to any of our material that is advertised as anodized or powder coated. Contact us to know how we can provide a different finish for your order.


Orange Aluminum App

The Aluminum RFQ was developed by Orange Aluminum for our customers to more easily and accurately communicate with our team to help find the right extrusions for the job. Whether it is simply locating a standard bar stock profile, or sourcing a custom trim for a new project, this is the tool that will get you the right numbers, right away.