Custom Profiles


Custom Extrusion, Custom Fit, Custom Die

Our inventory is north of ½ million pounds of extruded products! However, just because we stock almost 1000 different shapes, doesn’t mean we have everything you could possibly want or need. In many cases, no one has the exact profile you seek. However, unlike others trying to compete with Orange Aluminum, we offer the ability to purchase custom extruded profiles tailored to meet your needs, with low minimums, and only a $25.00 CAD service charge.


Custom Die

We can create any shape that you can dream of. Tooling for new dies varies depending on the complexity of the shape, cavities and wall thicknesses. Generally, solid dies start at $600 and hollow dies start at $1200. Contact us with any questions!


Orange Aluminum App

The Aluminum RFQ was developed by Orange Aluminum for our customers to more easily and accurately communicate with our team to help find the right extrusions for the job. Whether it is simply locating a standard bar stock profile, or sourcing a custom trim for a new project, this is the tool that will get you the right numbers, right away.