Types of Aluminum Channels and Their Uses

Whatever your project, you can use a wide variety of aluminum channel types to secure or mount your materials. From structural applications to organizational aesthetics, choosing the right shape is me … read more

What is a J Channel? – Shape Options and Applications

With every construction project, you’re going to have some visual imperfections. Tight seals are also a concern. But that’s what trim is for—achieving a beautiful, finished appearance and protectin … read more

Impaling Clips vs Z Clips for Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are valued for providing effective, environment-enhancing sound dampening. Still, they can also add visual appeal to your space, whether you're trying to eliminate auditory distract … read more

Steel vs. Aluminum Solar Panel Racking

Whether they’re high up on a roof or suspended above the ground in the backyard, solar panels are everywhere. But no matter where they are, they rarely sit flush with the surface. Instead, they’re … read more

Aluminum Extrusion Glossary: Terms and Definitions

Aluminum extrusion is a complex process—but, like any specialized operation, not everyone is familiar with the vernacular used to discuss the products, materials and techniques used. This guide i … read more

Square Tubing vs Round Tubing: Differences and Applications

Aside from appearance, you may not think there are many differences when comparing square tubing vs. round tubing (particularly when it comes to extruded aluminum tubing). Both are commonly used in co … read more

Tube vs. Pipe: How to Tell Them Apart

Pipes and tubes may look similar, but they are in fact quite different. Both are used in a variety of industries for various purposes. It’s important to know the difference between the two to choose t … read more

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