Orange Cares Charities: Second Harvest Food Bank

Orange Aluminum recently had the privilege of participating in a charity lunch hosted by Second Harvest Food Bank, an event that proved to be both inspiring and deeply fulfilling for our team. This collaboration with Second Harvest, a cornerstone in the fight against food insecurity in Orange County, was a natural extension of our company's commitment to social responsibility.

Second Harvest Food Bank, with its noble mission of ensuring food and nutritional security for everyone in the community, resonates deeply with our core values at Orange Aluminum. Their dedication to providing consistent, equitable access to nutritious food is not just about feeding the hungry; it's about upholding dignity and fostering community health.

This partnership stemmed from a shared belief: the uncertainty of the next meal is a concern no one should have to bear. Second Harvest's impactful work in addressing this concern aligns perfectly with our vision of corporate responsibility. It's this alignment of values that drew us to support their cause.

At Orange Aluminum, we hold a firm conviction that businesses have a role to play in making a positive social impact. This belief is put into action through our policy of donating a portion of our quarterly sales to nonprofit organizations. These are not random selections; each nonprofit we support is chosen by our staff, ensuring that our contributions are directed towards causes close to our hearts and integral to our community.

We have a penchant for local nonprofits, driven by a desire to contribute directly to the community we are a part of. Second Harvest Food Bank, a pillar in our local community, epitomizes the type of organization we aim to support. Their reliance on donations and volunteer efforts is a testament to the collective human spirit's power to effect change.

The charity lunch was more than just an event; it was a convergence of shared visions and collective efforts. For us at Orange Aluminum, it was an opportunity to see the tangible impacts of our contributions and to reinforce our commitment to community welfare.

In essence, our participation in the charity lunch with Second Harvest Food Bank was not just an act of corporate giving, but a reaffirmation of our dedication to societal well-being. It underscored our belief in the transformative power of collaboration and community engagement. As we move forward, Orange Aluminum remains steadfast in its commitment to being a force for good, contributing to a healthier, more equitable community.

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