Aluminum Flat Bars: Versatility at its Best


Aluminum Flat Bars: Versatility at its Best by Orange Aluminum

A Blend of Functionality and Sophistication 

Aluminum flat bars are versatile, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant solutions for countless applications. Whether you're looking for a standard mill finish or a clear anodized finish, Orange Aluminum has got you covered. Beyond the traditional offerings, we provide a palette of custom anodized and powder coated finishes tailored to your requests. These bars can be easily manipulated making them ideal for various projects without compromising on their non-magnetic nature.

Broad Applications of Aluminum Flat Bars 

Stocked in varying sizes and lengths, our extruded aluminum flat bars cater to almost any requirement. Their flat and rectangular profile can be tailored to precise dimensions, meeting unique project needs. From frame constructions, where they provide unmatched weight-bearing capabilities, to structural supports like ladder hangers, gate latches, or ductworks, their application is diverse. The robustness and anti-corrosion nature make them invaluable in construction environments. But their use isn't limited to just practical applications; many artists favor these bars for crafting large artworks like statues, thanks to their malleability yet enduring strength post forging.

Customize with Confidence 

At Orange Aluminum, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you need standard, custom, or OEM aluminum bars, our team ensures every product is crafted to your specification. We offer a plethora of finishes – mill finish, clear anodized, and various other anodized hues. If our offerings don't match your needs, our experts are on hand to craft a custom solution, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your project's demands.

Why Aluminum Bars Shine 

Aluminum bars provide a harmonious blend of strength and lightness, rivaling even steel in some instances. Their natural oxide coating ensures longevity, even in the harshest of environments. Coupled with their eco-friendliness, given their recyclability, they become an attractive choice for green builders.

Putting Customers First 

Your satisfaction drives our mission at Orange Aluminum. Our commitment to quality and prompt service ensures that every order reaches its destination in prime condition. Delve deeper into our offerings by browsing through our online catalog, or get in touch directly for personalized assistance. From flat bars to slatwall and tubing, we're your trusted partner in all things aluminum. Reach out to us at (877) 464-2181.

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