Orange Aluminum


Bar Stock

Standard Aluminum profiles: 6061 structural alloy to 6063 architectural grade, from mill to clear anodized finishes.
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Flat Bars
  • Flat Bar: Radiused
  • H Sections
  • Half Rounds
  • Hex Bars
  • Square Tubes
  • Round Rod
  • Round Tubes
  • Tee Bars
  • Z Bars

Panel Rails and Clips

Panel fastening rails and clips - aka z clips - are used to hang items from art and signage to concrete panels and cabinetry.
  • Panel Rails and Clips
  • Panel Rail and Clip Style 2
  • Z Hanger
  • HD Panel Rail and Clip
  • XL Panel Rail and Clip
  • Panel Cleat®

Fixturing and Storefront

Profiles for outfitting retail and commercial environments, from pricetag molding to slat wall extrusions.
  • EZ Slatwall System
  • Price Tag Moldings
  • Slatwall Systems
  • Interlocking Slatwall Panel
  • Snap Frames

Caps, Corners, Coves, and Dividers

Wall paneling extrusion profiles, extending, trimming, joining and finishing interior paneled spaces
  • Corners
  • Divider Bar
  • J Cap Edge Trim

Cabinet, Case, and Closet

Everything from doors to drawers, profiles to build flight cases to extrusions for hanging sliding doors.
  • Closet Rods
  • Door Tracks
  • File Hanging Rail
  • Garage Cabinet Trim
  • Pulls and Handles
  • Road Case Sections

Tee Molding and Edge Trims

Table and countertop edge finishing, from nostalgic scalloped 50's style push in tee molds to modern smooth screw mounted edge trims.
  • Edge Trim
  • Edge Trim Heavy Lip
  • Grooved Edge Trim
  • Round Edge Trim
  • Rounded Edge Trim
  • Tee Moulding

Framing Systems, Tracks, and Heat Sinks

Heavy duty modular T slot framing extrusions - and T-track - are used to build custom fixtures, structures, cases, and more.
  • Structural Framing: T-Slots
  • T- Track